Your Personal Car Rental Agent

As “Generation Y’ers” we embrace and understand the freedom of access rather than consumption. Hence the rise of company’s such as Uber, Lift, and Zipcar. However, sometimes we need to rent a vehicle for the more demanding and accessible events of life. Owning a car isn’t for everybody. For some, having the ability to rent a car without dealing with the long-term commitment and headache of maintaining a car is more pleasing.

Here to help you when you need access to an extensive range of reliable vehicles at a great value is Jachin Leatherman or as he would prefer you to call him- Jack. Jack has been working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car for four years now and is a Branch Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car at Adams Morgan Woodley Park. As for what attracted him to work for Enterprise, “ I wanted to work for Enterprise because it wasnt just a job opportunity. It was a chance to learn how to operate a multi-million dollar business” and “once I learned that they offered a management trainee program I knew I would be able learn to become a manager and run a business’. Jack took full advantage of the opportunity and has flourished.

Since joining Enterprise, not only has Jack flourished, but he is making history-literally. At 26 years old, Jack is one of the youngest branch managers in the region. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, all Jack knows is success. Dating back to high school, Jack graduated as Valedictorian, and went on to attend The College of the Holy Cross where he played Division I Football and studied Visual Arts. Jack grew up in a troubled neighborhood in Southeast Washington, DC but he didn’t allow his circumstances to influence his drive or focus. He attributes his success to, “not allowing myself to become a product of my environment. I don’t mean to sound cliché, because I love where I’m from, I just love the fact that I can say I made it out when all the odds were against me”.

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Now that he’s made his mark, his goal is to “Bring more people along with me so that they can be successful. We all need to be better. I am a role model for the youth in my community and I hope they are paying attention”. Jachin is most proud of achieving and holding the highest customer service scores recorded at 4 of 5 stores he’s worked at, with the highest ranking achieved of 94%. Jachin has set additional records at Enterprise that include, “Region Leader in Operating Profits”, “Region leading Growth”, and “Region Leading 12-Month Customer Service Score” . We think its safe to say, Jack understands the importance of customer service and has a bright future ahead of him. Head over to Jack’s Enterprise branch or give him a call and tell him The Sophistocrats sent you.


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Your Personal Car Rental Agent

As “Generation Y’ers” we embrace and understand the freedom of access rather than consumption. Hence the rise of company’s such […]

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