The Art of Bartending

Our first ever “Sophistocrat Bartender of the Month” goes to one of the baddest individuals to pic up a cocktail shaker and strainer! His name is Soup. Yup you read that right….SOUP! Soup is the epitome of a gentleman and by the time you get up, you’ll feel like you gained a new bestfriend. Bartending is more than just making drinks; it’s a science or better yet-an art! He knows his shit, he’s been bartending since 1999. So sit down, take notes, and get schooled on the art of bartending. When you’re done, head over to the back bar at The Hamilton let him know The Sophistocrats sent you, and he’ll make you “The Sophistocrat Drink of Month”. Be sure to use Sophistocrat etiquette and tip him well. Don’t forget, Sophistocrats drink responsibly! So if you’ve had one too many, reach out to our friends over at Curb, download their app, and they’ll take care off you! Cheers!

Bartender of the month: Soup
Location: The Hamilton (Washington, DC) at 600 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005
From: Dalton, Massachusetts (Where US currency paper is made)
Been bartending since: 1999

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Why did you begin bartending?

“First off because I like people. I like the action, I like working hard, and I like the pace. I love interacting with people and making people happy. People come to bars for a reason…to unwind and escape. I like to help them forget about everything that’s bothering them for a little while. We all have to go back to it [reality] at some point, but with me they can take a few minutes and enjoy themselves. It makes me happy to make other people happy.”

What is your favorite drink to make?:

“Right now it would have to be ‘The Suzerac’ (which also happens to be the Sophistocrat drink of the month). It’s the history behind it and there’s a story. Plus it’s so many ways to make it. It’s tied to New Orleans and cocktail culture wise, we owe so much to New Orleans. Long story short, “it’s a soul to this drink”. One of the reasons I love bartending is because you’re never finished learning-its always a work in progress.”

What’s your favorite beer to drink?

“Weihenstephaner by far. It’s the world’s oldest operating brewery. I could drink it forever.”

What’s your pet peeve when dealing with customers?

“Not being self-aware. When you’re in a busy bar, just recognize your surroundings. I’m never going to intentionally make somebody wait; I’m here for you. Bartenders are here to please the guest. Without the guest I’m useless.”

What is the best way to get a bartenders attention?

“Make eye contact, you can’t help but realize when somebody is clearly staring at you unless you’re purposely trying to ignore them. Once we make eye contact I’ll give a [head] nod and let you know I see you. That shows me that you’re a seasoned veteran. Waving your card or throwing cash out is unnecessary.”

What makes a great bartender?

“Part of being a great bartender is knowing your limits and just being real. Strive to throw the perfect game, but you’re never going to throw the perfect game. Something is going to go wrong and you’re going to have to adapt so be ready, keep a clear head, and don’t get rattled!”

The Sophistocrat Drink of the Month:

“The Suzerac”

· One ounce Cognac (preferable Remy Martin)
· One ounce of Dry Whiskey
· Three dashes of Sugar Cube
· One dash of bitters
· Stir for 30 seconds….enjoy!

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