Meet Julian Kimble

Thanks to technology, we have access to information 24 hours a day and everybody has the power to voice their opinion. The way we consume news and discuss our point of view is what has driven social change and influenced the democracy of this country. Unfortunately, with access comes “noise” and how do we know what sources to trust? What identifies a source as credible? With so many different outlets to receive news, how do we know when we are getting the full truth? Whether you’re an analytical thinker, or conspiracy theorist, having both sides of a story is important in order to develop a sound conclusion.

Fortunately for us, we found a writer that not only makes it his duty to get the full story, but also put the story into terms we can understand and relate to. Meet Julian Kimble, accomplished writer and the newest member to our Sophistocrat team. Julian, a Philadelphia native, went to Howard University, or as he would call it “the real HU”, where he was a Radio/TV and Film major with a minor in Business. While he was a student at Howard, Julian wrote for The Hilltop, the institutions school newspaper. Today, Julian currently writes for Complex magazine and Washington City Paper in areas of pop culture and music. Despite his success, Julian doesn’t believe you have to be an English or Journalism major to be a successful writer, “you just need to have the ability to write with a clear voice. You just have to be 1. Reliable and 2. Good”. Julian credits his growth as a writer to “working with multiple editors” and understanding writing is “100% a business and you’re a walking brand”.


Julian’s interest for writing and journalism came from “growing up a fan of hip hop and music magazines such as Vibe”. As for what drove his intent to become a writer, “Feeling like parts of the story were left out” and “I found myself disagreeing with a lot of what I was reading”. He draws inspiration from one of his favorite books, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, because it showed him that we have the ability “to create whoever we want to be…the American dream, that’s the definition of our generation”. As for his future, Julian wants “to be like Bill Simmons. I would like to be an author and most of all creating content that penetrates and influences culture and resonates with people. I truly want to have an impact so I’m swinging for the fences”.

For The Sophistocrats, Julian won’t be writing for any specific category (entertainment, style, etc.). Instead he will have his own section, “The Stories Julian Tells” where he will completely write compelling and provoking pieces that will force you to think and analyze the information in front of you. Although we love to entertain you and show you the latest and greatest products/services, we also are here to stimulate you mentally and feed you spiritually. Check back often for Julian’s content and be sure to give Julian a warm Sophistocrats welcome!


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Meet Julian Kimble

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