The Sophistocrat inherently knows all of the things listed below, but just in case you forget, here’s a refresher:

Confidence – The Sophistocrat is confident and comfortable in any sophisticated situation. From fine dining to political conversation, the Sophistocrat doesn’t claim to know everything, but is never surprised or intimidated by the unfamiliar. Sophistocrats gain confidence by listening and learning all they can.

Tipping – Service deserves compensation. Sophistocrats believe that tipping is a must, regardless of the server. Weather it’s your favorite bartender, a helpful maid, or trust-worthy valet, you always tip. Industry average in restaurants, bars spas and salons is 15-20% and individual service personnel (doorman, housekeeper, bell hop, airport check in) usually get $2-$5.

Jewelry – Not “bling”, but sophisticated and timeless pieces. Class, not flash. Sophistocrat jewelry always compliments, never overpowers. Leave the cubic zirconias at home.

Dry Cleaners – An expense every Sophistocrat should readily accept. Not every article of clothing is machine washable. In fact, a home washing machine should only be trusted with under garments and casual cotton apparel. The Sophistocrat trusts only the best to care for their fine garments.

Hand Sanitizer – To the Sophistocrat, cleaniness is godliness and clean hands are essential. A pocket sized hand sanitizer is easy to store and should be kept close… at all times.

Manicures & pedicures – Long gone are the days of men being uncomfortable with pampering. Manicures and pedicures aren’t just for the lady Sophistocrat, they’re a necessity for anyone who values their appearance.

Scents – Cologne and perfume bottles rest on a Sophistocrats dresser in abundance, offering various scents to match any mood or occasion. Scents are an instant aphrodisiac, but use sparingly. Too much is never a good thing.

Cell Phone Etiquette – The Sophistocrat uses the cell phone in a non-distracting manner, always respecting those in his or her presence. Cell phones should never be used for long periods of time in public places, and conversations should not include vulgarity or offensive remarks. Never let a cell conversation or text session keep you from being cordial and social.

Black Attire – Hov said it best…. “all black everything”. The color black symbolizes mystery, mystique, maturity and most of all, sophistication. A black suit or little black dress is the epitome of effortless style and the Sophistocrat wears it with pride. Make sure your shades of black match and are lint-free.

Travel Accomodations – Boutique hotels are the Sophistocrats favorite. They offer one-of-a-kind style, scenery and service. These sophisticated locations are unlike regular, big name chain hotels because everything they offer is unique. Boutique hotels often give exclusive treats to the special people that stay there, and the Sophistocrat appreciates this gesture.

Handling Business – What’s more sophisticated than a person who values hard work and possess a drive beyond measure? While the Sophistocrat enjoys being social and relaxing, he or she knows that the business grind is what matters most. Sophistocrats know how to take ideas and turn them into outstanding business opportunities. They value other forward-thinking people, usually entrepreneurs, who are driven by success.

Demeanor – Sophistocrats are naturally the coolest people in the room. Many are drawn to the Sophistocrats magnetic personality, without them seeking the attention. Sophistocrats are admired for their charm, impeccable manners, respect for others and knowledge of self. They know exactly who they are and make no excuses for their sophistication.

Technology – Sophistocrats understand and value today’s shift in technology. They may not be coding whizzes, but they are able to use technology to their advantage because they know that their futures depend on it. All Sophistocrats own a smart phone, high speed Internet and a laptop (at the very minimum). That’s the only way to stay at the pulse of relevant news and trends.